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I'm an American photographer born in Colorado and based in the St. Louis metro area. I love to travel and have travelled extensively in the United States & Europe, but even when at home, I try to keep the same sense of adventure – looking for novelty in the everyday; finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. A musician by profession, I have recently become passionate about my photography. I have photographed nearly my entire life, but only to document travels, not to make art. Now, I've found that I can do both.

Traveling at Wits End

Travel photography is mindset, a way of experiencing the world. Whether traveling 1 mile or 1000. This publication is about creating travel adventures everyday.

  • 2017-12-10T07:00:41.102-06:00

    31 Photography Inspirations: December
    I've been developing a random inspiration generator to help motivate photographers. Here are 31 photography inspirations - one for each day of the month. I plan to post a set of inspirations each month.

    This image may be downloaded or printed in square format at 31 Inspirations

    Share photos created using the hashtag #witsendtravel

    For more inspirations go to Random Inspiration Generator

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  • 2017-12-08T09:21:04.080-06:00

    Quick Tip: Photographing Art of Others
    Quick Tip: Photographing Art of Others. Taking photos of other artists' work is always tricky for me. When their art stop and my art begin? When I see public art such as this mural announcing the Roosevelt Row arts district of Phoenix, Arizona, I stop and appreciate the the textures, shapes and colors, but I don't necessarily take a photograph of the art. Taking a photo straight-on would simply be a reminder of art work and not my own unique artistic product. When I do photograph public art, I try to photograph it uniquely, adding other elements such as the graffitied sign next to the mural or finding a unique angle. The photograph then has my personal vision of the artwork. Photos available for purchase at Wits End Photography. Follow my blog Traveling at Wits End for ways to create travel adventures everyday. #blogpost
  • 2017-12-07T19:47:46.922-06:00

    Getting Out: Inspiration for Local Travelers

    The year I started my 365 Project (one photo a day for a year), was lean year for my travels. I didn't take a substantial trip for almost six months. Most of us only get to travel once or twice a year so it's important to stay inspired as a local travel photographer.

    I use a few of tricks to keep myself motivated and exploring when I'm at home 1) harnessing photography challenges as inspiration, 2) revisiting and re-photographing random images that I've already posted to social media, and 3) using my own random photography inspiration generator.

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  • 2017-12-08T09:22:29.929-06:00

    Quick Tip: The Road Not Taken
    I very much wanted to photograph saguaro cactus at dawn when I was in Phoenix, Arizona. I knew there were fields of them outside the city and did a bit of research on local hikes. I set out before dawn with only a vague idea of where the trailhead was. I arrived at Apache Wash Trailhead still in the dark and blindly (literally) took one of three paths. Would my photos have been different had I taken another path - yes, but I'll never know if they'd have been better photos. I loved the experience of setting off into the darkness and watching the sun rise over the desert. Photos available for purchase at Wits End Photography. Follow my blog Traveling at Wits End for ways to create travel adventures everyday. #blogpost
  • 2017-11-30T09:00:17.224-06:00

    Local Traveler: Finding Photo Ops
    Traveling is a mindset. It is not defined by how far we go. I can travel the distance of one mile or a thousand miles to get good travel photos. We often think of traveling as part of a long trip, but as long as we're open to the experience, travel photography can happen just a few miles from home.

    Finding photo opportunities in local area should be easy since we know the area well, but it's actually more difficult than researching a completely new place. We drive by landmarks so frequently that they no longer have any special meaning to us and we take for granted local events thinking we'll stop by next year. Simply, we become blinded to our environment through over exposure.

    The trick to being a local travel photographer is to think - and see - like a travel photographer even when at home.

    I call it "playing tourist".

    This article is about finding good travel photo opportunities everyday.

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  • 2017-11-26T09:00:11.911-06:00

    Finding My Style
    I feel comfortable enough with my photographic style to write a bit about the process to this point knowing that my style will continue to evolve and change.

    For someone new to photography or who hasn't given it much thought, it might be surprising that holding a camera in the general direction of something and pushing a button isn't enough to make a good photograph (that's a snapshot). A bit more study and photographers learn about composition and various settings that form the basis of photography technique. 

    The next step is to give the photograph a personal style.
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  • 2017-12-08T09:23:09.734-06:00

    Quick Tip: When Tours Happen

    Rookery Stairs - I did a bit of research before going to Chicago. I only had a few hours so there was a limit to what I could photograph. I chose a few places within a short walk of where I'd be centered. One of those places was the Rookery, a building redesigned by Frank Lloyd Wright. There are many buildings in Chicago with amazing architecture that can be seen just by walking through the front door BUT the Rookery isn't one of them. A bit of research told me that I'd need to take a tour to get access to this amazing staircase. I have mixed feelings about tours. They can be wonderful, entertaining, and educational - or they can be boring as hell. It just depends on the tour guide. I did learn a bit, but tours do slow me down and insure that I have PLENTY of time to look around for detail shots. #blogpost

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  • 2017-11-22T22:25:04.094-06:00

    Tutorial: Creating Signature Watermark
    That last thing I do before I "put a photo to bed" or mark it "complete", is to put my signature on it. We've all seen those advertisements selling beautiful signatures, but there's no way I was going to spend the money on something I could create myself!

    This post is about how I created my watermark signature absolutely free!

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