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Welcome to Wits End Photography, my name is Jenn Mishra. I'm an American photographer born in Colorado and based in the St. Louis metro area. I love to travel and have travelled extensively in the United States, Europe and Thailand. But even when at home, I try to keep the same sense of adventure – looking for novelty in the everyday; finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. St. Louis, like most cities, has beauty and decay, but the most satisfying photographs find the beauty in the decay. I scour the city and surrounding areas, looking for texture and life in architecture and landscapes. Everyone has a history and every place is central to a story.
A musician by profession, I have only recently become passionate about my photography. I have photographed nearly my entire life, but only to document travels, not to make art. Now, I've found that I can do both.
I post almost daily on various social media (see links below) and wrote the entry and provided the photos for St. Louis, Missouri for the Fripito travel app.
Enjoy browsing my galleries and blog postings and follow me on 500px, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook. For portraits see my Instagram Portraits feed.
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Travel Photography

I love to travel and experience different places and cultures. My travel photography often overlaps with Architecture, Landscapes, and Street photography. I like to visit the quintessential places, but also look for that unique angle or back street that most tourists would normally rush past. My husband is British so we travel to Europe frequently, but I try to keep that sense of travel even when I'm at home in St. Louis.