Why Wits End? - Wits End Photography

Why Wits End?

Wits End was born long before I became a photographer. My husband is British and we many years ago named our home, in the tradition of quaint British cottages, “Wits End” (there’s even a sign on the front porch). Wits End, we decided, is where we live!

But it wasn’t until I really was at my wits end that I took up Photography as a serious hobby. I was going through a lot of stress and negativity in my life and Photography gave me a new challenge. Learning a new skill distracted me from the stressful parts of my life. I started a 365 Project (One photo a day for a year) and looking for beauty in the world every single day kept me from sinking into despair. In a very real way Photography saved me when I really was at my wits end. The name of my photography studio reminds me that even on dark days, I can see beauty and that every day I can choose to see that beauty.